Tucked away in a privileged location - through a narrow street and a small tunnel - sits Memmo Príncipe Real, home to a secret sightseeing spot with breathtaking views over the city and a gateway to explore one of the most charming neighborhoods in Lisbon.

Amid the charming heritage of the ancient royalty that once lived here, one finds at Memmo Príncipe Real the same limestone flooring used in historical buildings, royal palaces, and famous squares throughout the city.

Here, too, is an embracing mix of contemporary and classic styles in a cosmopolitan ambiance of tranquility and impeccable service that provides the visitor with a Lisbon experience that feels both timeless and authentically local.


The authentic Lisbon you will never forget

The heartbeat of Lisbon

In the neighborhood, the aristocratic mansions and palaces of the 19th century, once home to the city’s elite, have been claimed by the spirited young entrepreneurs and artisans. The architectural charm has turned it into one of the most sought-after areas to be in with the coolest shopping, restaurants, and bars options in town.

It’s here, in this quarter, where the contrast between the historical side of the city with its ancient buildings and antiquaries, and the contemporary Lisbon bustling with modern shops and trendy restaurants is more evident. The hotel naturally blends into this scenario, in perfect harmony with the past and the present, standing high in a privileged location.

Unforgettable Memories

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