The neighbourhood

With its narrow streets, stairways and viewpoints, Alfama is the most genuine and authentic neighbourhood in the city, marked by ancient traditions, the São Jorge Castle, the Cathedral and of course Fado, recently considered UNESCO Immaterial Cultural Heritage.

Here you will feel the true ambience of the neighbourhood with weathered colored houses with linens hanged on the windows and the daily life of the locals with their rhythms and customs.

Furthermore, you can find lots of activity with small traditional retail shops, groceries with Portuguese traditional products, typical restaurants, cafes and bars.

The neighbourhood is the heart of the annual festivities of the popular saints in June. During the days of the festivities, Alfama is filled with people eating and drinking to the sound of the music in the streets.

Alfama is a well located neighbourhood, close to several points of interest:

A tribute to the special form of singing – today considered UNESCO Immaterial Cultural Heritage – and to the men and women who have dedicated their voices and feelings to its development.