Explore The Hotel

Located in one of Lisbon’s most authentic and historical neighborhoods, memmo alfama is a hidden treasure to be discovered through the circuitous and narrow streets, completely integrated and in perfect harmony with one of the most known quarters of the old town: Alfama.

Simplicity and Creativity

As you round the corner onto Travessa das Merceeiras, you will be surprised with a piece of street art of the already renowned young Portuguese artist Alexandre Farto Vhils, as he is known in the art world, accepted our invitation to do a special work in one of the exterior walls which resulted in a surprisingly original face of a former resident: a perfect combination of simplicity and creativity.

Just Like Home

Housing in an ancient courtyard – the original building is dated of the late nineteenth century – the main architectural goal was to maintain the original facades in order to achieve the total integration in the neighborhood’s tradition and history.

Upon entering, a cozy living room greets the guests instead of a traditional front desk and they can check in from anywhere in the hotel. memmo alfama’s laidback ambiance invites its guests to feel at home - borrow a book from the living room – and at the same time to integrate themselves into the culture and traditions of the Alfama district and the city of Lisbon.

The Spirit of a Portuguese House

An intimate area is dedicated to our signature Lisbon Story, which provides guests with all the relevant information they need to learn and explore the city and our guide Living Alfama pairs staff suggestions for neighborhood delights with inside tips from locals themselves.

memmo alfama offers mostly high-quality Portuguese products and brands – from the room’s amenities to the menus and wines – enforcing the spirit of a Portuguese house. Even the music embraces the Portuguese gcadmins, from Portugal to Brazil and Africa.

The Terrace on the first floor offers a perfect combination between the authentic Portuguese gastronomy and wines and a sublime vantage point to take in the sights and sounds of the city and the Tagus River.

Above all, memmo Alfama is a place to live and enjoy the warmth and genuineness
of one of the most authentic neighborhoods of Lisbon.