Unforgettable Hotels

When we travel, we create memorable stories.
These memories are the inspiration for our name 'memmo'.
Just like our logo the chameleon, we want to become part of our surroundings.
We believe thatʼs how we can offer our guests a truly authentic experience of what exists and happens around us.
Each memmo hotel is very much part of its location, combining perfectly with its setting.
More than just a place to sleep, our guests mingle with the local community which creates
an authentic experience and a real connection with a place, for those who choose us.
Our aim is to provide our guests with authentic local experiences and thatʼs why we are…
memmo Unforgettable Hotels.

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Memmo Baleeira   Memmo Alfama  Memmo Príncipe Real

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'All these unique experiences are unforgettable
and when I return it's not my ego that is big,
it's my memory.'


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