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In a village surrounded by sea and considered one of the best surf places in Europe, you could never leave without having a surf experience. Bearing this in mind that the Memmo Baleeira Hotel has it's own Surf Center, where you can enjoy all of the surf emotions with the help of a professional and experienced team: the Freeride Sagres Surf School.

Combine the exceptional conditions of this spot with the coaching from our pro-level team of surf coaches, qualified by the Portuguese Surf Federation, and leaded by João Mealha's Professional Surfer, former top 16 national Surf ranking - and you'll find that your surfing progresses beyond recognition, whether you're trying to catch your first wave, building on an already solid surfing foundation or being an experienced and adventurous surfer looking for some hardcore breaks with the help of a local guide.

The Hotel is within easy access of the excellent breaks of the region and, when there are not classical waves breaking at the Sagres beach in front of our backyard- they move to the beach with the best surfing conditions of the day. Here the options run from easy, slow breaking beach breaks to fast and strong point breaks. These are the qualities that make this Destination ideal both for beginners as to experienced surfers.

Prepare yourself for total enjoyment on this unforgettable surf vacations in the Algarve!


Services available at the Memmo Surf Center:

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