Find memmo Alfama

Like every treasure, the Memmo Alfama is challenging to find.
But, once you are there, you will be thankful for the search.

Get directions

Directions from Lisbon's International Airport by car:

1. Go West towards the "Alameda das Comunidades Portuguesas", pass a roundabout, and go all the way through the avenue

2. In the roundabout, take the 3rd exit to "Av. Almirante Gago Coutinho" and move forward until the next roundabout

3. Take the 4th exit to "Av. Almirante Reis"

4. Go all the way down and then turn left until "Praça da Figueira" (Figueira Square)

5. Turn right on the 1st street: "Rua dos Fanqueiros" and then left towards the "Rua de S. Julião"

6. Turn right towards the "Sé" (Lisbon's Cathedral) and continue all the way up

7. At the Lisbon's Cathedral Square, easy turn right on the 2nd street "Travessa das Merceeiras"

8. Arrive at Memmo Alfama

Directions from Lisbon's International Airport by public transportation:

1. At the Airport metro station, take the RED LINE towards SÃO SEBASTIÃO.

2. After 9 stops, exit on the ALAMEDA stop and switch to the GREEN LINE towards CAIS DO SODRÉ.

3. After 5 stops, exit on the ROSSIO stop and walk until "Praça da Figueira" (Figueira Square).

4. Take the TRAM nº 12E and exit on the stop LIMOEIRO.

5. Enter the "Travessa das Merceeiras".

6. Arrive at Memmo Alfama.