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Hotels Can Be Handmade

João Corrêa Nunes and Samuel Torres de Carvalho

Both responsible for interior design, housing a mix of modern elements using classic materials and details.

Barahona Possolo

Responsible for "The Portrait of the Eternal Royal Prince (D. Pedro V)" on the hotel's entrance. In this portrait, his modern-day take on the Prince depicts the view from the hotel itself with the presence of modern Lisbon, and instead of the Golden Fleece Order symbol, the prince wears the symbol Memmo Hotels insignia (the chameleon).

Iva Viana

Using the old-world technique of plaster ceiling moldings that was seen in the palaces of the 19th century in this area, ceramic artist Iva Viana created a custom piece for memmo Principe Real that hangs behind the reception. A re-imagining of this traditional medium, the panel takes inspiration from the celebrated garden of Príncipe Real and the jasmine flowers that blossom during spring.

Miguel Branco

The images of the 41 drawings that occupy the various hotel bedrooms are fragments of this central scene and form a single piece. Branco has focused his work over the last three decades in the use of models from art history. Such use, which opts for traditions like peinture animalière, the still life, whereby the use of extremely small scale creates strange optical elements.

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